Where to install the device - Battery-operated devices

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Introduction: The installation location of a battery-operated GPS tracker can significantly impact its performance. This article provides insights into various installation options, considering the type of asset you are tracking, and explains how the device transmits signals.

  1. Signal Reception Considerations: The device operates without requiring a clear view of the sky, but it's essential to note that materials such as metal can significantly obstruct signals more than materials like fiberglass and plastic. Minimizing these obstructions enhances signal strength.

  2. Under Vehicle or Asset Frame: The most popular installation spot is underneath the vehicle or asset frame. When placed in this manner, ensure the device's top faces straight down to allow signals to bounce off the ground. Positioning the device closer to the edge, rather than the middle, improves signal reception.

  3. Inside Vehicle: Alternatively, the device may be installed inside the vehicle under the dashboard or in the glove box. In such cases, ensure the device's top points toward the windshield for optimal performance.

  4. Testing Installation: Depending on the type of asset, other installation locations may be suitable. It's recommended to test the chosen location by moving the asset and observing the route history in the tracking software. If the route appears inaccurate or the location remains unchanged, it indicates poor GPS signal reception.

Conclusion: Choosing the right installation location is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your GPS tracker. Consider the type of asset, be mindful of materials that can obstruct signals, minimize obstructions, and test the chosen location to ensure accurate tracking and reliable signal reception.

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