TitanLTE Quick Start Guide

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Welcome!  Thank you for purchasing the TitanLTE Tracker from LoneStar Tracking.  It's the best hardwired GPS tracker available with a dustproof and waterproof IP67 rating.  With proper use, this unit can provide many years of uninterrupted service protecting assets in all conditions.

This manual will guide you through the steps and installation process as well as take a look at the software used to monitor your TitanLTE Tracker.


NOTE: BEFORE INSTALLING PERMANENTLY, please note that the TitanLTE tracker uses satellites to receive position information and uses cellular towers to share information with our servers.  An unobstructed view of the sky is best but the tracker may work even if hidden.  After initial setup, test the unit where you want to place it to see if there is a strong enough signal.


Your device is already active, all you need to do is mount the device and connect the red and black wire to a 12-volt power source(See ‘24-volt system’ below for wiring instructions for systems running on more than 13.2-volts). When you receive your device you should already have an email with your login credentials for the tracking software. The TitanLTE uses a type of 5G cellular technology called Cat-M1 combined with a built-in GPS chip to take the location data from your asset and send it to our server where you can view the data via our tracking software or mobile application.


The TitanLTE will perform the best if it is installed in a location with a clear view of the sky, however, it can operate if it is concealed behind certain materials (plastic, fiberglass, wood). You will still need to limit the number of obstructions between the device and the sky, especially metal if you choose to conceal the device.

To power the device, you will take the solid red wire and the solid black wire and connect them to a 12-volt power source. None of the other wires will be used unless you are wiring into a higher voltage system.

24-volt system Installation:

If your asset outputs more than 13.2-volts in its dormant state then you will need to wire the red wire with the green stripe to the positive instead of the solid red wire. (The solid red wire will not be used in this configuration)

We recommend logging into the tracking software after installation and checking the location accuracy of your device. If the location on the map is not close to the actual location or if there is no location at all then your device may have poor signal and you should relocate the device to improve accuracy.

Tracking Software (Computer):

Logging in - Upon receiving your device, you should have received an email with your log-in credentials and a link to the tracking software. The URL for the tracking software is https://FleetONE.LoneStarTracking.com Make sure to check your spam folder if you do not see an email from our system. 

Creating alerts - To create an alert, you will click on the "settings" icon on the left side of your screen.  A column of options will appear on the left side of the screen.  In this column, click on "Alert settings".  Click on the green "new alert" button and configure your alert.

  • See the “Alerts” section below for additional information

Changing Timezone and personal info - To change your Time Zone you will click on the 3 lines next to your name in the top right of your screen.  Then click on "My account" from the options that appear.  From this screen, you can change your password, time zone, email address and set other preferences.

Route History - To view the route history for your device, you will select one of your devices from the list on the left side of the screen and it will update to the overview page. You can then click on the middle tab that says Routes. Then you can select the date or range of dates that you would like to view the routes for.  Change Device Name - This support article and video will show you how to change the name of your device. Click Here Create Another User - This support article and video will show you how to create another user. Click Here  

Mobile Application:

Troubleshooting the mobile application - If you are using the mobile app to view your devices and you notice something does not look right, try logging out of your app by going to the menu in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on settings and then click on log out. Sometimes the apps have updates and need to be restarted.

Location information -  To view the address and other location information about your device click on the rectangle icon for the device you want to check on the map. Once you click on it a white box will appear with the address and device name. For more information, you can click on the white box and it redirects you to the overview for the device. Here you can view battery levels and other device information. 

Route history - From the overview screen you can click on the middle tab at the top of the screen. On Android, it will say “ROUTES’. On iPhone, it will have an icon that looks like a squiggly line meant to be a curved road. Once on the routes screen, you can select the day or the range of days you would like to view by clicking the calendar or date at the bottom of the screen. 

Alert settings - You can view alerts that have been triggered within the mobile application, but we recommend using the website to configure alerts and have full functionality

To view the alerts that have been triggered inside the application you will click on the tab on the right side of the overview screen. On Android, it will say “ALERTS”. On iPhone, it will have an icon that looks like a bell. Once on the alerts screen, you can view all the alerts that have been triggered for that device. 


You have the ability to enable or disable alerts on the LoneStar Tracking system to help with managing your GPS tracking device.  Below are the alerts available to you.

Movement - You can be notified of any movement of the device. 

GeoFence - You can create an imaginary fence within our software and then get alerted if the device crosses the “geofence”. To learn more about creating objects and their corresponding alerts please watch this video. How to create a GeoFence using the LoneStar Tracking Lite Tracking System

Speeding - You can be notified if the device goes over a certain speed for a specified amount of time. Such as 70mph for 3 minutes, if the device is going over 70 for more than 3 minutes then it will send an alert.

No Power - You can set this alert up to notify you when the power is disconnected and also when the power is reconnected to the device.

No Signal - This alert is best with a setting of 18 hours, so it can alert you if your device has been offline for more than 18 hours and has missed one of its scheduled check-ins. Anything below 18 won't be helpful as the device is supposed to lose signal for 12 hours while it is sleeping.  

Battery Level - This alert is not commonly used for the TitanLTE, but you can set it to monitor the internal backup battery of the device and alert you if it reaches a certain threshold.

Supply Voltage -  When used with the TitanLTE, set it to monitor external voltage with the minimum voltage being 8 volts. The TitanLTE operates on 8-32 volts, once it drops below 8 volts the device will begin using its internal battery.

Movement with Ignition Off - Not relevant for the TitanLTE.  The TitanLTE is not hard-wired to the vehicle ignition, so is unable to determine when the ignition is ON or OFF. 

*Adding additional Phone numbers and email addresses to alerts - 

If adding a phone number, add +1 to the beginning and add it to the blank box

Under the default phone number. For email, you enter the address into the blank 

Box and click save.


Is your device not showing the correct location?

If you are using the mobile application and have already tried logging out and logging back in but are still unable to see the correct location, try verifying that the unit still has power. If you have done both of the above steps and your device is still not showing the correct location then you most likely have poor signal where the device is currently installed. Please try to relocate the device to an area with fewer obstructions between it and the sky. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support at Support@LoneStarTracking.com or 1-877-777-8636.

Is your device not showing that is power connected?

Check to make sure the power cable is properly connected to the device. Because it is a waterproof connection, it is a snug fit and must be pushed until you hear an audible click come from the connector.


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