Dry Trailer GPS Tracker Install Guide

*Always check with your manufacturer to confirm correct wires before proceeding.

Your GPS tracker requires two wires to operate correctly.  A positive (red) and a ground (black).  Most commercial and agriculture trailers utilize the same 7 plug style connector as seen below:

To connect your GPS Tracker to the trailer, you will need to use the ABS Power (blue wire) and the Ground (white) wire as shown in the image above.  Please verify that these are the correct wires by contacting your trailer manufacturer.

Your GPS Tracker will have two wires, a positive (red) and a negative (black).

  • Connect the GPS positive (red) Wire to the Trailer ABS Power Wire (blue)

  • Connect the GPS ground (black) wire to the Trailer ground (white)

Once complete, securely mount the tracker to the exterior of your trailer.