SolarMAX XL Troubleshooting Guide

Modified on Mon, 06 Dec 2021 at 01:47 PM

If you experience issues with your SolarMAX XL, there are a few things you can try to attempt to restore connectivity.  The SolarMAX XL is a very dependable device, but like any electronic equipment, there is always a chance of failure.  

Keep in mind that your device is SOLAR POWERED.  That means, your device needs sun light to recharge the internal battery.  If you park your asset in a garage or other shaded area, your SolarMAX XL may not receive enough sun light to stay charged.


The first step in troubleshooting is to powercycle the device.  This can be easily done by unscrewing the two Philips screws on the side of the device, sliding the power switch to the OFF position, then sliding it back to the ON position.

  • Locate the two Philips screws on the side of the SolarMAX.  Unscrew both screws, being careful not to loose them.  Once unscrewed, remove the plastic cover.

  • After the cover is removed, you will see a small white switch.  Gently slide the switch from the ON position, to the OFF position.  Once completed, please slide the switch back to the ON position.  Lastly, please replace the cover and screw it on snug. 


Your SolarMAX XL is equipped with a large backup battery and solar panel.  During the day, your device should be installed with a clear view of the sky and direct sunlight.  The solar panel will charge the internal battery, and your device will continue operating at night.

In some cases where the device does not receive enough sunlight, the internal battery can be drained and the device will stop working.  You have two options to restore the device:

1) Place the SolarMAX XL outside with direct sunlight.  After 1-2 days, the internal battery will have enough charge for the unit to resume operation.

2) Included with your device is a USB cable.  In an emergency, you can use the USB cable to recharge your device.  However, we always recommend placing the unit outside as this is the easiest.  

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