How often does the system report water levels?

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep, 2023 at 4:45 PM

By default, the tank monitoring system will take a water level measurement once every 6 hours.  This does not necessarily mean that you will see a water level update exactly every 6 hours because we also need to wait for a satellite to become visible overhead.  

If you need more frequent readings, you can contact our team before purchase for a custom order.  Our devices are able to take measurements as fast as every 2 hours.  Please keep in mind, because we use a satellite constellation that is constantly moving, there may be times throughout the day where no satellite are overhead.  If that happens, your device will automatically store the last water level reading in memory and will wait for the satellite to become visible overhead.

At this time, we are not able to change the configuration remotely.  If you ordered our default kit which takes a measurement once every 6 hours, you would need to ship the unit back to our office for re-programming.   If you have not yet purchased, please call or email us before you purchase so we can properly program your device.

The more your device takes water level measurements, the more battery will be consumed.  At our standard 6 hour measurement intervals, we tend to see about 3 years on 2 AA batteries.  If you increase to a measurement every 2 hours, your battery life will decrease.

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